Indema 4 Development Update 4.13.2024

indema 4 development update

Hello designers!

I hope this post finds you in good spirits, and that your 2024 is shaping up to be fantastic! I’m thrilled at the progress our team has made with the new system thus far and we can’t wait to share the exciting developments with you!

I wanted to give you a quick update on indema 4. Our dedicated team has been putting in a lot of effort to bring the latest generation of the indema ecosystem to your computers, firm, and your clients’ homes. Our main focus has been ensuring top-notch code quality, aiming for nothing less than perfection when we roll out indema 4.

Creating perfection takes time, and as the founder, I’ve set strict guidelines and deadlines for our team. However, not being a developer myself, I recognize that these timelines may not always align with reality especially building a whole new system from the ground up. While we’re about 77% through the development of indema, I prefer to look at the glass as half full. Still, the truth is, we won’t (and cant/should not) rush the release. It wouldn’t be fair to you, and it could strain our support team, ultimately affecting your process and business as well. Rushing will also put a strain our development team who are already putting in hundreds of hours a month combined, and rushing them would mean the risk of the quality of our product diminishing.

In light of this, we’ve decided not to provide a specific release date for the indema 4. What I can say, is that we are insanely close! We’re committed to ensuring that when it does launch, it’s flawless. Quality remains our top priority moving forward. If you invested in indema 3 with a specific launch date in mind for indema 4, rest assured – you’ll always be taken care of, and there’s no need to worry about the timeline on indema 4.


  • The current phase of indema 4 is connecting our front-end user-interface with our back-end server to create the live version. From there, we will be performing extensive testing to ensure there are no bugs, or major issues we need to address prior to releasing the first version to those who get early access.
  • We officially hired 7 more developers to add to our team making our current team bigger than we have ever been with a total of 25 on our team!
  • We’ve secured $100K in funding from Google which will help us keep our server costs insanely low, and includes keeping indema 4 pricing point as low as possible.
  • We have opened a user-based funding round! Want to own a slice of indema? As we hit our 3 million dollar valuation, it’s important for us to continue to grow internally. We have yet to secure any funds from a VC firm and have no plans to. What this allows, is for us to be self-sufficient and offer a piece of indema to our own users. If you are interested please respond to this email and we can jump on a call! And, thank you to those who have already invested!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly anytime. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to deliver the best possible experience with indema 4!