About Us: Empowering interior
designers to grow their business

Who We Are

We help interior designers
deliver great results

We are a team dedicated to helping interior designers grow their firms. From managing the business and projects to providing services that extend their capabilities so they can focus on design. 

To simplify complex processes, elevate operational efficiency, and empower designers in a dynamic industry. Our commitment to reliability and creativity ensures every project is an inspiring journey, setting us apart in the market.

Our vision is to not just lead the evolution of interior design technology, but to inspire a global community of designers who are empowered to transform visions into reality with unmatched ease and precision using the indema ecosystem. 

Unmatched Values

As a company, we choose to base every decision on these core values, and everything we do is done with those values in mind. We never make decisions on emotions, our own opinions, or just “because”. We also make these decisions with our designers in mind and what would be best for the community.