6 Modern Interior Design Styles and How to Use Them

indema blog post about 6 modern interior design styles

What is your style? 

Figuring out your style is a crucial part of your modern interior design journey – whether you are just starting out or a more established design. Figuring out your style will make it easier to find clients that resonate with your style, and it will make it easier for you to design the properties you want. 

Your style is influenced by so many things – the way you were raised, your current lifestyle, your experiences and even your travels. Your style is about more than just what you think looks good, it is more about what makes you feel comfortable and at home. 

The reason that this is important is that people so often create a mood board or find a picture that they like and they try to replicate it and while it may appeal to them it is important to make sure that the colors, patterns, and textures work with their personality and their lifestyle.

While there are many different modern interior design styles, these are the 6 main categories. 

1. Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

Mid-Century Style has evolved from the mid-1900 and has its focus on furniture that is simple and elegant while still being functional. It has gained popularity over the year because it creates an uncluttered look that many are looking for today. It is best used for those people lead clean, organized lifestyles. 

When you decide on this style, focus on pairing down the space to make it both minimal and functional. Often solid colors are used or strong patterns against a neutral background. Upholstered furniture pieces that have soft organic lines work best with this style of design

2. Eclectic Chic Bohemian Interior Design Style

This style of design is all about being aware of the rules but breaking them. There are really no rules when it comes to this style, rather it mixes trends, time periods, colors, patterns, and textures all into one space – successfully. When you are using Eclectic chic to design a home, you have to be guided by your heart rather than you head to create a carefree whimsical space.

The beauty of this design is that you can mix and match different styles, trends, colors, and patterns. It is a good idea to pick one common element that will help you to tie your space together. This can be a unifying color, pattern, style, or even a material. Start creating layers by choosing one larger item and then work from there. Add in your smaller pieces, like art, pillows, and décor as you go. 

3. Modern Industrial Interior Design Style

Modern Industrial Interior Design Style is all about developing the character of a space. The focus of this design style is on the architecture of the space rather than the furniture used. This style is best used in homes where people lead a minimalist lifestyle and want to persevere their surroundings. 

When you are using this style, it is best to draw inspiration for your color scheme from natural materials like metal, wood, and brick. This style of design often makes use of high ceilings and low pendant light, using natural exposed materials to emphasize the space instead of using furniture. If color and patterns are used, they need to be used sparingly. All furniture used needs to be functional and modern.

4. Transitional (Modern Traditional) Interior Design Style

A Transitional design style takes inspiration from both traditional and modern design and creates a style that is both comfortable and stylish. This style of design is all about balancing bold, ornate pieces alongside sleek, modern pieces.

The important part of this design style is to make sure you create balance. This is done by mixing up modern and traditional furnishings to create a unique but comfortable space. You can make use of a range of different color palettes. Soft pastel colors create a calming and inviting environment while bold, geometric patterns allow for a more modern look and florals will bring in softness and elegance. 

5. Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style

As the name implies this design style is all about creating a cozy farmhouse feel to a space through the use of clean lines and contemporary design. This style will give you a warm country home without gauche patterns and outdated décor. It is ideal for those whose lifestyles are family-centered. 

Lots of natural materials are used in this style of design. Neutral colors are used to allow you to create an inviting space that is open and warm. Modern furniture can be paired with simple lines that take inspiration from the colors of nature – beautiful blues and greens. You can also mix modern art with reclaimed pieces of furniture in your modern farmhouse. 

6. Modern Scandinavian Interior Design Style

The focus of Modern Scandinavian interior design style is minimalism and functionality. White and pastels are the order of the day, drawing inspiration from nature. The pieces of furniture that are used need to be simple and clean. 

Before you can bring this design style into any home, you need to de-clutter and create a neutral space to design. You can then start to add in natural textures and tones as well as any patterns that are inspired by nature. When it comes to furniture you want pieces that have simple forms and soft curves. 

These styles are not rules but rather guidelines that you can use when you start your design business or even when you start designing an individual space. Very often designers will draw inspiration from all of these styles until they find a style, they work best for them and their clients. Interior design is not about following the rules but rather it is about creating beautiful spaces that people feel comfortable in and often this means you draw inspiration from a range of different places.